Sicherere Systeminstallationen


Victaulic pipe joining solutions are designed to be fast, but more importantly, they are designed to be safe.  Our solutions eliminate the need for hotworks making them inherently safer, but the speed at which they are installed translates to fewer man-hours on the job and thereby reduced risk.


In 2014, it was reported that construction laborers ranked 12th in the top 25 most dangerous jobs in the United States. As a company who provides products for the construction industry, Victaulic recognizes the role our products play in contributing to a safer job site. Take for example some of our innovations all centered around safety first.

  • Visual inspectability of proper coupling assembly. Instead of needing a torque wrench to ensure proper installation, for most of Victaulic's products, customers can simply verify if a coupling is installed properly by visually checking that the bolt pads are touching.*
  • Victaulic's patented Installation-Ready Piping Joining™ Technology, now available on couplings and fittings, reduces the number of loose parts typically associated with standard grooved couplings. Less parts to drop = less risk.
  • Nominal 3 to 1 safety factor on Victaulic product pressure ratings.

Beyond being just a faster way to install pipelines, our products are also safer than welding, brazing, soldering or fusing because they install without the use of flames, fire or heat. The benefits which are:

  • Pipe fitters are not exposed to the damaging fumes currently cited as the cause of serious health issues in a series of lawsuits
  • No costly fire watch manpower or fire shielding is required
  • No tanks, no torches and no potentially dangerous lead lines


According to a leading firm in the field of personal injury and negligence law, "Welding is among the most dangerous industrial activities. The dangers of welding are fire threat, electric shock, compressed gases, toxic fumes, and lack of personal protection for the eyes, hands, feet, and body."


Safety has been a part of the Victaulic culture since its beginning nearly a century ago. Its commitment to innovation in its products and as an employer is what sets it apart as a company. Victaulic is about more than just the products and services it offers around the world - it's an organization committed to leading the industry with a positive impact on people inside and outside the company. Take for example the advancements in protective wear the Victaulic was able to develop to further protect its employees.

Seit Dezember 2014 tragen die Mitarbeiter von Victaulic in den Gießereien in den USA neue Jacken. Die Jacken wurden in Zusammenarbeit mit Toray Fluorofibers und Majestic Fire Apparel als hochmoderne Schutzkleidung entwickelt. Der nächste Schritt wird laut Bill D'Amico, Global Environmental Health & Safety Director von Victaulic, sein, diesen Fortschritt auch für andere Benutzer in der Branche verfügbar zu machen.

As stated by D’Amico, “We will share this advancement with others in the industry in the hopes of advancing foundry safety worldwide and, more importantly, protecting our most valuable asset - our employees.”

*Not every Victaulic product features "pad-to-pad" inspectability. Always reference Victaulic's product installation instructions to confirm properly assembly requirements for that product.