Victaulic® Pipe Clamp Anchors Nos. A81, A82, A83 and A84

  • Engineered pipe clamp anchor can be connected to the existing concrete and steel structure to direct the piping movement and distribute the load from the piping system to the supporting structure
  • Größen von 2 – 12″/DN50 – DN300
  • No. A81 Long Adjustable Pipe Clamp Anchor
  • No. A82 Short Adjustable Pipe Clamp Anchor
  • No. A83 Long Fixed Pipe Clamp Anchor
  • No. A84 Short Fixed Pipe Clamp Anchor
  • For use on Schedule 40 or greater carbon steel pipe
  • Zur Verfügbarkeit in Ihrer Region wenden Sie sich an Victaulic für weitere Informationen